A Holiday Week with Ellel Ministries Norway
Dato: 01/08/24 18:00 – 08/08/24 13:00

Sted: Ellel Grosas Center


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We have the pleasure to invite Ellel friends from around the world to come, explore and enjoy the outstanding beauty and scenery that surrounds the Norwegian Ellel Center.

The Ellel Norway Holiday week is a week of fellowship and fun, but also a time with the Lord. Every morning we will have an hour of worship and teaching. Afterwards we go on outings together. The outings are optional, but normally people love to attend. Together we will explore some of the beautiful places of Southern Norway.

After years of travel restrictions, we would love to welcome you here in Norway this summer.

Please contact us on email: tja@ellel.no, or telephone: +47 37 96 99 00

Prices (all prices are per person):
Standard rooms: NOK 5000,- (Approx. £410)
Standard en-suite: NOK 5500,- (Approx £450)
Rooms used as a single rooms: NOK 700,- to be added.

The prices includes all meals at the center, and a packed lunch every day.

Flights to and from Norway are not included. Entrance tickets on outings are not included.

Norsk tekst :

Velkommen til ferieuke sammen med Ellel Ministries Norge!
Ferieuke eller Holiday Week med Ellel Norge er fantastiske dager i vakker natur og med godt fellesskap. Vi starter hver dag med lovsang og undervisning. Resten av dagen utforske det nydelige området rund Ellel Grosås Senter og andre av Sørlandets attraksjoner sammen. Om kveldene er fellesskap og hygge i fokus.
Hjertelig velkommen til en deilig ferieuke sammen med gode mennesker på Ellel Grosås Senter.

Priser pr. person:
Standard rom kr. 5000,- (felles bad)
Rom med eget bad: kr. 5500,-
Tillegg for enkeltrom: kr. 700,-

Inngangsbilletter på utfluktene kommer i tillegg.

Kontakt oss på epost tja@ellel.no eller telefon 37 96 99 00.